When It Comes To Your App,
We Don’t Play Games.

When its time to build an app you can count on, work with a developer who is 100% about delivering a great experience and 0% about the BS.


Like the business applications we produce, our services are bespoke. However, they can be easily divided into development stages and a step by step process which we’ll walk you through.

Free Consultation

We offer all new clients a free consultation. This serves two main purposes:

Firstly, it enables us to assess if we can help you, and if so how.

We believe in total transparency so if we don’t think developing an application is the best approach to solve your business problems, we’ll tell you. That’s because we only want to work with clients who’ll see an excellent return on their investment.

Our business thrives on setting realistic expectations and meeting them. If we don’t believe an app will make a real difference to your business, we’ll tell you.

Secondly, the consultation process gives you time to understand exactly what an application could do for your business and how it will benefit the organisation. Only once you’ve got this key information can you decide if you want to proceed.

It can be scary to make big changes to your business, especially by embracing new technology which you may not yet fully understand. If you’re willing to accept the status quo, then developing a business application probably isn’t the right move for you. But if you want to tap into the power of new technology, booking a free consultation is the first step.

In Depth Business Consultation

It may take several hours, days, or even weeks of consultation, for us to work out the best approach and create a proposal for you. During this stage, we may charge for our services. However, we’ll never lock you into any contract unless you’re completely sure you want to work with us and are confident in our abilities to design, create and install your application.

During the consultation stage, we’ll work out a detailed proposal which outlines our recommendations including solution details and pricing.

This gives you a chance to experience working with us and enjoy our bespoke service. But you can use our proposal to brief other application developers and get alternative quotes should you wish.

Our goal during this time is to give you the best advice, and allow you to ask as many questions as you like and voice any concerns. Before proceeding to the next stage we want you to feel totally confident that you’re making the right decision and that we’re the right company to develop your app.

Business Application Design

If the consultation stage has been carried out thoroughly, the design process becomes relatively simple. Now we know what your most burning issues are and how an application will solve them, we can design a comprehensive solution.

During this stage, we’ll continue to consult with you to ensure the design meets your specifications and flesh out the details. However, the onus is on us to create a user-friendly, intuitive design and iron out any problems before the creation stage.

Business Application Creation

Our technical team will develop your app according to the detailed design specifications we’ve outlined. This is an exciting stage; by the end of it you’ll be able to see the prototype for your app and experiment with it.

The process involves a rigorous testing process to ensure the app is robust, compatible with all your existing systems and free from bugs.

We’ll facilitate installation of the new application, including the handover process and your transition into using the new technology. We’ll provide a manual and video tutorials along with training for staff and managers if needed.

Training can be provided on site, off-site or remotely. The cost is included in the development rate because we want to ensure you know exactly how to collate the new data collected, create reports, understand the reports, and track progress.

Business Application Maintenance

We’ll continue to work with you once the application has been installed to maintain and optimise your system. In fact, we routinely include 12 months of free consultation after installation to ensure you’re happy, the app is performing as agreed and it’s still aligned to your business goals

While the application will have been rigorously designed and developed according to our high standards, we’ll continue to optimise it. The goal now is to help you maximise results and press the leading advantage you’ve gained over your competitors.

Maintenance and support may be the final step but they’re just as important as the development stages. That’s because any changes you make to your business processes, staffing or logistics will likely necessitate tweaks to the app so it continues to provide useful, useable data.

Most of us are familiar with the updates required by new technologies; your app will also need to be updated so it continues to work as intended and allows your business to stay agile.

Our aim is to be proactive in predicting software changes or technology updates so you avoid system crashes or errors and continue to enjoy insightful data.

This step is driven by our overarching goal to drive innovation and add value to your business.

Take the Today!

Technology is changing fast and becoming more and more powerful every day. If you haven’t embraced new technology as a way of creating positive change in your business, now’s the best time to find out how a business application can help. Contact us now to book your free consultation by calling +61 7 3184 4441, emailing or completing our online contact form.